Here at Desert Trails RV Park, you’re sure to experience the best customer service in Hobbs, New Mexico! Our RV Park is located 5 miles North of Hobbs, NM nestled in the quiet country. Where we are proud to offer the most spacious lots with newly planted grass and amenities that are sure to please. Desert Trails RV Park gives you the choice of picking one of the best RV parks in Hobbs NM with a countryside atmosphere and the convenience of being close to town.

Have you been thinking about buying an RV or did you just recently buy one? Maybe you’re looking to revitalize the old one that’s been sitting in your driveway? Regardless, getting your family out with you on the road this summer is a great way to spend some quality time while seeing our beautiful country. Are you a beginner at RVing? We’ve got some tips for you!

1. Do I need a special license or any training to drive an RV? You don’t need a special license. Most RVs are built on a c-chassis which is much like driving a truck. You do need to be aware of your height and length to avoid overhead obstacles and allow enough room to turn. Dips into parking lots and gas stations can cause you to drag if you have a long overhang in the back.

2. RVs look like they have limited space. Will my family feel cramped spending a week in one? RVers, at least in nice weather, live and play outdoors. You’ll probably want to eat outside, maybe play games outside on the picnic table or take advantage of the recreation facilities where you are staying or visiting. The RV is primarily for moving from place to place, sleeping and using the bathroom facilities if no restrooms are available.